The Nathan630pm Introduction.

Hai! My name is Nathan Kennedy. You may have stumbled across this website from, and if you have, Welcome! This is my website for blogging, and posting all my work from Mrs Meadows Grade 12 Tech Class! (Most likely this website will be active for a year, and after I may move some things over to the main website,


If you’re coming here from my class, Hello! As you already know, I’m Nathan Kennedy. You may now know, that I’m the “Only Guy Named After A Time”. I run my own [small] company, The ‘630pm’ Company. its all about video production, and entertainment, but I plan on expanding the ‘630pm Timeline’ in the future, to maybe some audio entertainment & more too. if you would like to check out my stuff, you can do so at, and all the proper links will be posted there. I do not have a YouTube channel, as I upload my video’s to

Feel free to ask me questions, talk to me, (as I’m a little shy, and awkward in person, but am working on that for my 2017 new years resolution!)

Here are some things that I am apart of:
– I am a McDonald’s Crew Trainer. (McDonald’s employee of a year and a half, 3 different restaurants.)
– I Live Stream for the GMHL and edit video’s for them. (Specifically The Bradford Rattlers & the Bradford Bulls)
– I traveled to Tillsonburg Ontario to Live Stream the All-Star Game for the GMHL.
– I am The ‘630pm’ Company Owner.

Have a great day! (and I cant wait to work with all of you in this class!)

  • Nathan Kennedy ❤


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(Posted 2017/01/26)